On Reading… 

​Happy New Year!! As we make our New Year resolutions, taking into consideration all of the things we need in this life, let us also consider these… 

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

The above quote is but one of many references to the importance and beauty of reading. Quite simply, it means that knowledge is acquired through reading, subsequently leading to greater achievements. 

The import of reading cannot truly be overemphasised, especially in a digital world where the culture of reading is dying a slow and painful death. Reading brings about intellectual enlightenment, which in turn leads to development. Reading unlocks the human mind, enhancing intellectual perception and interpretation of worldly matters. Reading greatly improves vocabulary… The list of pros of reading is infinite, quite endless. But yet, the culture of reading is fading fast. 

True, there are many readers in the world today. Nevertheless, they are merely a small fraction of the whole that see reading as it truly ought to be seen, a way of living. 

In Nigeria today, reading is a dying culture. Even the unit of the populace-students- that should under normal circumstances be the advocates of the reading culture, see the activity as little more than a chore.  

Even the existing educational system does not help matters. Literature-in-English, logically a must in the curriculum of all students is restricted to only Arts students. Students in the Sciences and other disciplines are not exposed to and taught the importance of reading. 
There is also the problem of access to good, quality literature. Most of the available literature is either out of date or of a much lower quality. 

One could go on and on listing the reading problems of their society…the list is quite endless. The trick is to find effective solutions to scale the obstacle.

So, as you go about your daily business, think on these. .. 


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